Nutrition Kickstart

Sometimes long-term change needs a KICKSTART. May 17th through June 28th, Glevum Fitness will open this nutrition kickstart to the first 20 people that opt

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Should I take a Rest Day?

Put simply, when you train, you put stress on your body and tear it down; when you rest, you allow your body to heal and get even stronger than it was before.

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Realistic Expectations

The more complicated the plan, the easier it is to quit when things get tough. So… if things seem too complicated, or you are stressed

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Make Meal Planning Easier

Welcome back to the kitchen. We’re here to help with meal-planning recipes and tips to streamline your effort and get a workable routine going. The best part? You make the rules.

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Developing an Aerobic Base

What is an aerobic base? Your aerobic capacity is an excellent measure of one’s cardiovascular fitness. Defined as maximal oxygen uptake it measures the ability

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Pressing pause, or adjusting the dial?

Listen, we get it.

It can feel absurd to try to improve your eating and exercise habits while you’re in the midst of a lockdown, suffering chronic stress, looking for a job, starting a new job, caring for aging parents, raising small children and now being a part time teacher.

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Suffering from Weekend-itis?

Are you someone who eats in a reasonable way Monday morning through Friday afternoon? Or from breakfast through dinner? But when that clock strikes 5

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