Fri 14/04/17

 Workout Of The Day

A) For Load:
Power Clean & Jerk x 3

Training Notes:
Athletes will perform 3 Power Cleans and Jerks. You can choose to drop the bar from overhead to save the grip or keep hold of the bar on the return.

B) In teams of two, complete for time:

60 Wallball Shots
30 Clean and Jerks
40 Wallball Shots
20 Clean and Jerks
30 Wallball Shots
10 Clean and Jerks
20 Wallball Shots
5 Clean and jerks

Men: 60kg Barbell & 20lb Wallball
Women: 42.5kg Barbell & 14lb Wallball

Training Notes: In today’s workout we have a total of 150 Wallballs and 65 Clean & Jerks all at a relatively moderate weight. So despite the reps being high we are looking for quick transitions and a relatively fast workout. Advance athletes will be able to complete this in and around the 10-12 minutes, whilst others should be aiming to keep this underneath 15 minutes.

You should be looking to complete sets of 10-15+ on the Wallballs and then 3-5 reps on the Clean & Jerks. If in doubt drop the weight to maintain the intensity of the workout.