Why We Aren’t Outside - JUST YET.

The UK government are allowing gyms to now run outdoor fitness classes —but here’s why we’re not jumping into any decisions…just yet.

Here’s why we’re choosing to stay online. For the moment.

5 Things To Help Make You A Better Runner.

Now we’re all stuck at home with limited equipment, running seems to be everyone’s ‘go-to’ exercise! Easy to do, easy to pair with something else or do on its own and get one hell of a workout!

Athlete Spotlight

Margaret J

What's The Best Diet?

People always ask me which “nutrition camp” I fall into. Is it paleo? Vegan? Low carb? Intermittent fasting? Or something else? In essence, they’re asking: “What’s The Best Diet?”

What To Do When Staying In Shape Feels Harder Than Ever

A healthy lifestyle is never effortless.

Only for many of us, it feels unusually hard right now. Yes, stress, overwhelm, and depression may all be contributing factors. But there’s also a good chance something else happened:

Adjusting the dial.

If you’ve ever felt like pressing pause, or you feel this way right now, it might help to know I’ve felt the same way before.

Nowadays I like to think of my fitness and nutrition efforts as a dial.