Cooling-Down After Workouts?

It is largely accepted that warming up helps prime ourselves and increases our performance in workouts yet the jury is still out on whether or not performing a cool-down can improve our recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Learning & Practicing New Movements

Don’t be afraid of taking a step backwards when you need to as this may enable you to take two steps forward and will save you time and effort in the long run

Why Meal Plans Usually Disappoint

Lots of people looking to improve their eating think meal plans are the answer. The only problem? Meal plans usually disappoint… and they rarely last. So, instead of prescribing yet another doomed eating regimen, check out these 6 ways...

Your Least Favourite Workout.

Picture this, you walk into the gym or check SugarWOD and see the workout – and shudder.

It’s your least favourite workout and movements on the board for today. You know you must do it but it’s not something you’re happy about...

Am I Strong Enough?

What is holding you back? Self-reflection is something that is often preached, however, as individuals It can prove difficult to objectively identify where our strengths and weaknesses lie.

Our Response To Lockdown

Reebok CrossFit Glevum is an affiliate known for its support, community, and group class experience. Reebok CrossFit Glevum has always strived to bring clarity through the noise by providing a personalised experience to our clients. An...