Paddy C

Paddy and his wife, Zita came to check out the gym when they first moved to Gloucestershire back in 2015. After spending some time showing them around the gym and getting a sense of their goals, it became very clear that they would both thrive within our community.

And that they did, by settling into the evening classes and using the WODs as a means of improving his fitness, learning a bunch of new skills and hitting all kinds of personal records. We are constantly impressed by Paddy’s dedication and hard work and really happy to recognise him as our MOM!

Take a 6:30 PM WOD with him, a barbell class or get to know him at one of our community events and you’ll understand why Paddy is not only our MOM, but probably one of our biggest ambassadors for the health benefits of CrossFit we have met.

This month’s recognition is the culmination of the last two years of hard work that has recently allowed Paddy to rejoin us in group classes. Unfortunately for far too long, Paddy has had to work hard and stay committed to regaining full fitness after a long-term back condition.

Paddy has had to put in a large amount of laborious work to get him back to where he is today. One thing that is for sure when it comes to his individualised warm-ups and mobility, additional cardio before class or hanging out around the dumbbell wall when class is over, Paddy gives it his all.

His dedication and passion are infectious. Congratulations Paddy, if only we could all share just a fraction of your commitment & fighting spirit…

Congrats Paddy!

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