Featured Athlete: Gav C

Reebok CrossFit Glevum: Finally, Gav will join the ranks as a Featured Athlete along with a few other of his 06:30 PM classmates! A former footballer and keen mountaineer, Gavin came to us looking for some motivation to train consistently. Mission accomplished, Gav. Gav is extremely coachable and is always looking to improve and add to his arsenal of skills. Anything he learns he’s happy to share with other members as well. He finds a way to make time for himself and get to Reebok CrossFit Glevum so he can be the best version of himself. Your dedication is truly admirable, Gav. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Gav yet, watch for him on Saturdays. He’ll be the one giving the Assault Bike some welly!

Gavin C: I’ve worked in retail since leaving the sixth form, it has its pros and cons in how active I’ve been. In the early days of running supermarkets it meant I was always pretty active, I’ve often wondered what my daily step count was back then (if trackers had been invented!) Now I spend most of my time either working from my office in Uxbridge or travelling all over the country, which generally means I spend far too much time sitting down!

Being in retail and having to travel a lot means that I really have to try and manage my time, getting the balance between family, work and training can be challenging at times (along with my love of riding motorbikes). I’ve played most sports over the years, but mainly football, I was 37 when I finally called it a day and started to look at other things to do. I spent a few years mountain biking, mountaineering and rock climbing before becoming aware of CrossFit.

I had been a member of various gym’s over the years and enjoyed lifting weights more than any cardio work, but the usual story of lacking motivation and getting bored had kicked in. One of my best mates at school had gone to live in California and through the power of ‘Facebook’, I saw a number of posts from the CrossFit Box he and his wife were going to. I thought this looks a bit interesting, I fancy giving it a go.

I arrived at Glevum’s door back in early 2014. I remember looking through the door and thinking ‘…… okay, this looks fairly intense! but I’m here now!’ My first impression was that it was certainly different to the other gym’s I had been to before. I was greeted by one of the coaches and made to feel really welcome, we chatted about how CrossFit was very different to what many think and what I was looking for from my training.

Like everyone, I nervously arrived at my first ‘fundamentals’ session, but those nerves soon disappeared to be replaced by utter exhaustion after my first exposure to real “workout” and thoughts of ‘surely I’m fitter than this and why can’t I lift that weight’. This for me was a good thing. I needed to know where I was starting from and immediately gave me things to focus and work on. This ultimately is where I get my motivation, to keep learning and trying to improve, even at my age!

What also was clear from the outset was the sense of community at Glevum, you couldn’t ask to meet a better group of people.

What also was clear from the outset was the sense of community at Glevum, you couldn’t ask to meet a better group of people. I remember clearly in my first year, signing up for the CrossFit open and doing workout 14.5, struggling badly and going at half the pace of everyone else, but not one person left the class, instead staying to encourage and support to get to the finish. That pretty much sums up what Glevum is really all about for me.

I’ve been coming to Glevum consistently now for over 4 years. Only punctuated for a short while back in 2016 when I managed to get DVT on a long haul flight from Mexico (note to self, don’t sleep for the entire flight you need to move!) This developed into a pulmonary embolism (blood clots on the lungs) because stupidly (second note to self) I thought I just had a painful calf from training…!! Although a bit of a scare at the time, I recovered OK. With help from the coaches and some specific programming, I was able to build my fitness levels back up fairly quickly to enable me to get back into class again.

I don’t really have any specific likes or dislikes with the workouts, well maybe just a pure hatred of burpees! and I quite like ‘Cindy’ I usually don’t see the workout before I go to class and I like it that way. It’s more important to me just to be able to get to three classes a week and work hard in them. Just recently I’ve joined the skills session on a Saturday (including the homework!) to add a little more focus to my training.

I’ve realised over this time that I’ve kept coming back because the job that I do can be pretty all-consuming at times. Coming to Glevum, leaving the phone in the car and just working out is great for me to be able to switch off. I’m kept motivated to train consistently and encouraged to work on the area’s that I can improve on. But above all else it’s the people, coaches and members, it’s just a great place to come and train.

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