Featured Athlete: Michelle D

I started training with Reebok CrossFit Glevum 10 months after having my little boy. He was a big baby and as result my core muscles were pretty weak having suffered from a condition commonly found post pregnancy. At the time I was seeing a physiotherapist and was soon told she’d done as much as she could do to help but that I should look to exercise regularly. As you can imagine, I wasn’t very hopeful that anything would help! I started seeing Rosie for Private Coaching and a few months later not only was my core strength a lot better than before the pregnancy, I was ready to begin training with others in the group-classes!

Seeing my husband Matt enjoy & benefit from the training made me really want to give it a go. However, I was worried that with my core and a longstanding back condition I just wouldn’t be able to partake in any of the training or that I would injure myself trying.

From my frist day in the gym, the coaching & support that i’ve receieved has been been brilliant. I’ve been encouraged and motivated enough to progress but never at the expense of sound and safe technique. I love working out with others who are equally great and motivating people. The support and community atmosphere is what makes Reebok CrossFit Glevum different to any other gym I have ever been a member of.

Since starting my training towards the end of last year, I’ve been able to build up to lift over my bodyweight from the floor which is extremely important when bending down and picking up my little boy frequently. I’m 5ft 1”, petite and had never lifted a barbell or weights before I stepped foot through the door. My weights might only be small in comparison to others but before joining I had never dreamt that I would be able to do anything close to where I am now so each little step feels like a win!

For now, my goal is to keep my health and fitness a priority! Like many of us, I have a stressful job with long hours. I’m a GP within the local community and sadly every day through work I see people suffering the consequences of poor diet and not enough exercise. Glevum has improved my physical health & fitness no end and has played a really important part in helping manage stress levels and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Here, there’s no room to be thinking about work when you’re constantly on the move and working hard in the class.

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