Featured: Dan C

So then Dan, fill us in on what keeps you busy outside the gym. Work, family, hobbies?

I’m a full time barber at a shop in Dursley. I’ve come to realise over the last few months that many a Glevum member are customers of mine and have been for a while before I joined. On the weekends myself and my girlfriend like to keep busy with motorsports, she competes regularly and i’m basically an unpaid pit crew, most of the time fixing, repairing and changing tyres that she likes to burn. Together we have a Labrador, but to be honest i’m not the one left in charge of the walking duties, that’s up to her.

You live pretty far from Glevum don’t you? What time do you have to leave your house to make your 6AM class?

Yeah, I live around 15 miles south of Gloucester so I do have a bit of a drive every morning to make it in time for the first class of the day. I’m now in the habit of waking up around 5:00AM to be out of the house by 5:30AM. Of course I still struggle at times but I always feel great once I am up and out of bed. I’ve also noticed a big change in how I feel during the day since I getting my training done in the AM before work. I now feel much more energised and pro-active throughout the day.

What is your fitness background? Have you always been health conscious & active?

I’ve always been a member of a gym, but as the same as most people, i’ve never been consistent with attendance. My attitude towards training was the complete opposite of what it is now today. When I did go, I would go to convince myself that it was okay for me to eat pizza or a takeaway after I had trained. Now i’m a lot more aware of what I am eating, and the effect the foods I eat have on my body and how I feel day-to-day.

….What then brought you to Glevum?

I had heard of CrossFit but didn’t really know or understand what it was. I had a search online and found that there was in fact a few registered CrossFit Affiliates in and around North Bristol and Gloucestershire. When I came across your (Glevum) website I could clearly understand you guys were different. I knew you were catering for everyone, and not just for those who were already fit, or who wanted to be elitist. From the first time I made conatct, to my 1-2-1’s and then to the classes, I know the coaches are here to help me improve, make me better, healthier and stronger and not just to thrash me day-in-day-out and give me a “hard workout”.

Exactly that Dan. I know you have also recently been working on your nutrition. We also understand it hasn’t been the easiest for you as you have/had some rather individual eating habits.

Yeah, I am a pretty funny eater, I have always had a hard time with food. Textures and tastes that i’m not familiar make feel uncomfortable and make it uneasy to try new things. Although Dan has given me lots of advice, I still only have a few choices I am confident with when it comes to choosing healthier food options. I do try my best and have made huge improvements from where I was 18 months ago…

What was your initial impression of the gym and the community? Were you nervous at all starting classes?

At first I found the gym a bit strange as there were no treadmills or machines like in other gyms that I had been to. I worked with Dan on a 1-2-1 basis for quite some time until I was confident and ready to join in with the group classes. When I did finally join in with classes, Dan introduced me to everyone and for a few sessions hung around incase I needed an extra hand. From the beginning I was made to feel extremely welcome. It was actually quite strange to have people talking, socialising and having fun whilst in the gym. In most gym’s I have been to, you don’t often see people talking to each other, you just see people staring and judging each other from across the room.

So now that you’ve been doing it for a while, what do you find is your “why” for keeping at this?

Plain and simply. I enjoy it! Although the classes are always challenging, I know the workouts are designed and coached safely to push our boundaries. The satisfaction of completing and achieving something you didn’t think was possible is huge motivation to keep coming. It’s also really fun seeing everyone I train with at 6AM. It’s a great class to be involved in, and the banter is always in full flow.

What do you enjoy most about your training? What sort of benefits have you gained from CrossFit? Anything you didn’t expect that’s come out of this experience so far?

The fact that I am still improving and seeing progress is something I still can’t quite understand. I’ve progressed more in the last year of training than I ever have just my training by myself. I’m fitter, stronger, know more about what I am capable of. I really didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. I’ve always looked at the gym as something that I had to do, rather than something I want to do.

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