Featured: Tony C

Some people may not know this but you are a pretty big deal in the power lifting world… Could you tell us about some of your records and achievements?

So my powerlifting career took off pretty much right from the first competition in 2002 and in the space of 5 years it took me to four different countries, Austria, Atlanta, Germany and France, 3 World Championships and 1 Europeans. To get to these you had to qualify for the British Championships then place within the top 2 to go to the Worlds.

In my first British Championship I claimed the junior bench press record of 192.5kg, almost bombing out of the comp only getting my third lift in. This was en-route to my first World Champs which was to be Vienna Austria, one of my biggest achievements to date, taking 1st place in the 100kg junior class (because I missed weight for the 90’s), weighing in at 90.5 against a group of lads who were 96-98kg monsters.

That’s incredible that you managed to take first place being that much lighter in weight… That must have given you a confidence boost for sure! It must be pretty intense under all that pressure, how do you cope?

Yes it did! After placing 4th in Atlanta after a battle for bronze the next achievement for me was in Germany. I can remember sitting in 5th place after the squats and bench. I was certainly feeling it, sat against the wall, head down. My coach came over, gave me a pep talk, pulled me out the trenches and got me ready for the battle. I remember the bar on the platform being loaded, with my third lift of the day (my heaviest) at 320kg - all I can remember is seeing the 3 white lights! I was taking home the silver!

That is crazy weight! You must have been super proud taking home the silver! Where did your career go after that?

After Germany I started working with a pro bodybuilder regards nutrition, which when it came to go to France for the Europeans I remember having steak the night before weigh-ins which I had never done before and coming away with 1st place in the men’s 90kg open class.

I did a couple of competitions at 82.5kg, unofficially pulling the deadlift record at the time of 300kg as I didn’t get any squats in due to me killing my legs cutting weight on a treadmill, 1hour on-1hr off x3 in plastics, no fluids.

Did you ever take a break or feel like you needed a rest from the sport? It is pretty intense training that hard day in and day out!?

Yes, at that point the flame for lifting was still burning but not like it was and I definitely needed a switch up. My good friend Lee Powell pro-bodybuilder suggested getting onstage, which at first I laughed at (me in posing trunks) but soon became reality, 6 shows in 3 years, taking a novice Mr England title and a top 3 finish in a UKBFF amateur show out of a lineup of 20+ guys - I didn’t do to bad.

I then went and did MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a few years before getting back to powerlifting again.

I see, and this brings us to your most recent powerlifting accomplishment?

After an 8 year absence from the lifting platform, in November 2013 I decided to get back to it. I tested in December 2014, then in 2015 it began again although with a slight change of ruling. Instead of placing at British Champs, depending on the numbers you shift at the qualifier, that was now enough to get you to the Worlds or Europeans. Qualifying top in my weight class meant I was going to Vegas! Not fancying the weight-cut over there I decided to do the 90kg class, with only a carb-depletion and a water cut, the weight was made, 5 in my group, the battle was on. Hitting 6 out of nine lifts, a bit of strategical play in the deadlifts, we came away with the silver and a nice tan!

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