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Located close to junction 12 of the M5 in Waterwells Business Park, our facility is a huge warehouse space with exposed concrete, cladded walls and natural light and the latest equipment needed to enable the best results possible.

Whether you’re new to training or a fitness enthusiast, our coaches are highly trained and certified to help you set goals, teach proper form to prevent injury, and design training programs that include fundamentals exercises such as the olympic lifts, kettlebells, gymnastics, running, rowing, throwing, and a long list of bodyweight movements.

Here, you’ll never feel lost, alone or confused about what exercises to do or how to do them. That’s because a Glevum membership includes a lot more than just a room full of equipment. Whether you’re looking to be part of a group or would prefer more individualised private training, we’ll take care of everything.

  • A 1-2-1 Consultation: An initial in-person meeting with your coach to discuss your goals, current nutritional and lifestyle habits, and physical capabilities.

  • Expert Coaching: Within each class, our team of certified coaches will provide you with a workout for the day, demonstrate movements, answer questions, then lead you through a workout while effectively modifying all exercises and movements to your needs and abilities.

  • The Very Best Training Methodology: With over 40 classes per week, we offer training that designed and tailored to meet the needs of every person’s fitness level and goals.

  • Additional Personalised Coaching & Accountability: The opportunity to meet privately with your coach to discuss and set fitness goals, nutritional guidance, establish accountability and perform optional weigh-ins and measurements.

  • Specialist Programmes: Weekly sessions provide you with focused & specialised training to consistently achieve results & new personal bests.

  • Social Gatherings, Events & Challenges: We connect our members to build a family within our gym.

  • Online Workout Journal & Progress Tracking: Your Glevum membership includes access to a personal workout journal & progress tracking app. Here you can access our daily training, at-home/ holiday workouts, current & previous records, connect with other members, and more.
No more starting a program and never finishing it.

We’ve developed our Exclusive Hybrid Memberships for those who would benefit from additional accountability and attention from their personal coach. Designed to ensure you stay on track and achieve your personal goals as quickly as possible, your coach will determine an individual training programme and the motivation to keep you attending classes.

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