Fundamentals Training Course

The journey starts here.

During the first few weeks of training with us, the emphasis will be on slowly introducing you to the foundations of our results-based training. Under the guidance of your Personal Coach, you will carry out your first workouts as well as get exposure to basic movements and exercises setting you up for success prior to entering our group classes.

If you’re new to training with us, you must first start out with our Introduction Training Designed to lay the groundwork to our programs and group classes, these sessions are for both beginners to training and experienced athletes.

The secret to staying fit is finding what’s best for you.

Our Fundamentals Program is designed to make sure everyone in our community understands the basics of our training program and how to gain the most success from it. During six privately taught sessions, you’ll learn everything there is to know from the correct form, how to listen to your body, the primary exercises and movements we include in our training, and the basics of world-class nutrition that will help you reach your goals.

We understand that starting a new program can be both intimidating and exciting. We are here to offer you a positive and encouraging environment to get fit whilst working at your individual pace. You will leave our Fundamentals Program with the tools that you can use for a lifetime to stay healthy, fit, and happy. Plus we share a bunch of smiles, laughs and high fives along the way…

We would love to have you visit our facility, meet our coaches and get started.

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After your Introduction to Training with us

Here your coach will first help by determining the number of times/week you should attend group classes and how often you both should meet 1-on-1 to ensure you stay on track.

This combination of personalised attention and group class participation is what we call our hybrid memberships, designed to keep you attending classes and ensuring you meet and accomplish your personal goals. Never again shall have to you start a program and not finish it. Here at Reebok CrossFit Glevum, we make sure you’re in the gym as often as you need to be!

The social environment, the seasoned members, and the coaches are all dedicated to providing the best support system possible. When you join Reebok CrossFit Glevum, you join for life!

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