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Featured: Walt G

Featured: Walt G

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Here at the Glevum, each of our Coaches brings a unique perspective and skill set to the gym. We couldn’t be more proud of, or inspired by our team, all of whom work hard to help our members realise and work towards their goals every day in the gym. So this month, we want to change things up a little and shine the spotlight on one of them for a change!

Walt G has been at Glevum for almost 4 years, starting off with his school and extra-curricular classes, he soon after became a regular member and has now found himself a very prominent member of the coaching team here.

Walt, you’re a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and British Weightlifting Coach at the moment but you are also coming to the end of your first year Gloucester University studying Strength and Conditioning? Tell us about your course & what you are learning about?

The course applies S&C principles to port performance. I’m currently learning how to analyse sports and and see what athletes would need to improve and develop to be more successful within their sport and then designing and implementing this into a training program. I’ve also recently learnt a bit about injuries, biomechanics and nutrition which I feel will certainly further my knowledge as a coach.

So if there is a time when you aren’t in the gym or busy studying, what occupies your spare time?

I’ve currently got a part time job alongside coaching and university. However, if the weather is nice and allows, I love walking the dog or going out on my mountain bike. I’ve also recently started attending a Gymnastics club with a few of the other members at Glevum which is great fun and allows me to learn from other specialist coaches.

Were you active before CrossFit?

Yeah, throughout school I played every sport I could. Since the age of 8 right up until last summer, football was my main hobby and sport. My first experience of training and gym’s was with Dan. Right from the beginning I was hooked and really enjoyed the variance within training and the fact that it allowed me to improve across the board with everything.

I can imagine your Dad was a big influence on you being active?

My Dad is a Head Teacher at a local school nearby and from a young age he encouraged me to try lots of different things. Over the years i’ve gotten in to BMX riding, Skiing and a little bit of King Fu. All of my family are really active, I guess it’s just something we enjoy and place a priority on….

So we came to know you as a school pupil first of all, was it different coming in to the gym for the first time in to group classes?

The thought of it was daunting to start as I imagined that everyone would be crazy fitness beasts and I would be the odd one out having never been to a gym ever before. I couldn’t of been more wrong however. Everybody was instantly nice, and welcoming and I was completely drawn in and aspired to become better and want to improve.

Can you remember what you first workout was?

Yeah, of course!! The first workout I remember doing was Fight Gone Bad with my friend Pete. I guess that is when the rivalry between us first began!!

It didn’t take you long for you to show interest in learning to Coach. What would you say is the best part about coaching?

I truly believe in the CrossFit program and how it can help everyone improve their health, fitness and quality of life. I love that I have the opportunity to help others and it’s extremely rewarding watching them do things they never thought would ever be possible.

Do you have any goals with regards to coaching?

To help and inspire people to achieve their goals. I want to keep learning about how I deliver better education and provide actions to help people.

What is it you enjoy coaching the most?

All gymnastic movements. Their primary purpose is to improve body control like coordination, balance, agility and accuracy. They have a huge ability to impact our bodies and seeing people progress with some of the most basic of movements is awesome to see. Whether it’s a first push-up or mastering a ring muscle-up, it’s extremely rewarding seeing seeing people’s faces light up with a sense of achievement.

The coaching team at Glevum is definitely a point of pride for our gym. What, in your opinion, separates a good Coach from a great Coach?

Someone who can really connect with the members, builds trust and can motivate them to believe and understand they are capable to do anything. To be a great coach, we have to provide that member with the best hour of their day, and helping build a positive association with training and fitness in general.

So in your experience, what is the most essential element to success in your training, and achieving your goals?

Creating and outlining the goals I have. Whether it’s a certain number, a particular movement, or getting a faster time. Having a clear understanding of a goal and then making smaller sub-goals to help you see success and keep motivation along the way. Since joining I have always tracked my workouts, no matter what is written up on the whiteboard for the day, I always try to give every workout my best effort and enjoy and be proud of my result.

Looking for todays wod?

Yes please!

What our members say

Rikki Hill

The happiest, fittest place on earth. Nothing short of a revelation in community, healthy living and friendship. The Crisp family and their friends put every ounce of their considerable kindness and determination into this place and it shows. A truly wonderful place.

Rikki Hill

Sara Andrew

I’ve made some incredible friends and I get to workout with some of the most positive and inspiring people every day. It’s not just a workout you get here it’s support and encouragement from some absolutely amazing coaches and along with this you get to do things you never dreamt you would be able to do.

Sara Andrew

Rob Harding

For me Glevum has been the nearest thing to playing a team sport. I joined Glevum to get fit but it’s the community feel that has kept me there. The atmosphere really is superb. I had always thought that CrossFit was for the elite but in reality Glevum caters for all.

Rob Harding

Anthony Stick

I’m stronger and fitter than ever. I love the variety, technical instruction, team spirit, group workout, challenge, option of competition, inspiration of the very fit, multitude of skills to learn, friendly fun & encouraging coaching, whole body functional workouts and that it’s not elitist.

Anthony Stick

Ali McBride

Fabulous people, great coaches who invest time and effort in helping you to achieve things you never thought possible. Love this place.

Ali McBride

Ben Lundie

I came to Glevum looking for a change from "just going to the gym". It has been incredible and because of this I am stronger, more flexible and more explosive than ever. The team have done an incredible job building a community of like minded individuals, covering all levels of fitness and abilities.

Ben Lundie