How to get more from your coach...

How to get more from your coach...

· Posted by Dan Crisp

As passionate and helpful coaches, our goal when you enter our the gym is to pass on as much knowledge, information, and encouragement onto you as possible. Here are our top tips that we believe you, as an athlete, can do to get the most out of your coaches and your time here with us in the gym….

Show up a early.

Take a look at the workout and watch the previous class finish. Chat amongst a group of members and coaches and ask for tips prior to the workout. You then might get an idea of scaling options, target times and goals for the workout, as well as giving yourself a little transition time to mentally prepare for the class.

Talk to your coach.

Before the workout, or if possible, before the warm up, is a great time to bring to the coach’s attention any special needs or considerations you might have. Maybe you recently suffered an injury, maybe you are unsure on what something means, or maybe there is something that is especially challenging for you in the workout. Before class is a great time to address those things.

“Come in close”.

When we as coaches are briefing a workout or going over the game plan on how to approach a workout, bring it in close. Listen to every bit of advice the coach has to offer and the cues they are using to help with technique. Their advice and information on the appropriate weight to use or scaling options to get the desired effect can be all the difference in getting a great workout. Having to repeat things takes time away from athletes and the workout, so get it in close, even if sometimes it gets a little weird.

Get eyes on you.

Ask the coach to watch your movement prior to starting. It doesn’t have to be every rep, but the coach should have the opportunity to watch a few good reps from each athlete and regardless of your ability you should walk away from every class with at least one cue. You may have to wait for the coach to finish with other athletes but it’s perfectly ok to ask for attention.

Slow it down.

Remember, we are after quality, not quantity, when it comes to learning movement. Don’t ever be in a rush; work on improving little details, and retain those little improvements, so they can accumulate over time and become a habit.

Take those cues away with you.

We need to technique before we add the intensity to your training. If your coach has told you to “drive your knees out” or “get your elbows through in front of the bar”, remember these important cues. Not only will they keep you in safe positions, but the cues will also make your workout more effective. Remember them in the future. If you have trouble remembering everything that was said, of course ask your coach, but don’t hesitate to write things down!

Ask away.

We love questions! Help us help you… Not just questions about the workout and maybe what you could have done better, but questions about how to improve certain movements or skills. We also love questions that relate to life outside of the gym, whether it’s nutrition, sleep, mobility or something else. Do not be shy to ask for more help!

Log & track your workouts.

There is nothing better than looking back at lifts you completed six months ago and seeing that you are much now stronger today! Logging your one rep max lifts or times on workouts can be a huge help. Not only does it help you with math if there are percentage sets in a workout, but it also can bring you a lot of self confidence and show you that your hard work is paying off. SugarWOD is FREE to all Glevum members is a great way to keep track of your progress as well as providing coaches with the information to help us continue to make your training better. Show us how far you’ve come and ask what you can work on. If you’ve found something that you have not improved on as much as you would like, ask questions.

Don’t be in a rush to leave.

Talk to the coaches, pick their brains. If they are not coaching the class that is directly after yours, let them get into more detail regarding the fixes or recommendations they suggested for you. This is a great chance to get the “why” of the actionable cues you received during class. It is often the accumulation of this time and questions that facilitate breakthroughs to success.

Share your goals with a coach.

As mentioned earlier, coaches are here to help with anything, inside or outside of the gym. Share your goals with a coach or with your gym friends so you have some motivation and support to accomplish it. A coach can give you new ideas and keep pushing you harder every day. Helping our community grow closer together and supporting our athletes is what we love to do.

These are a just a few ways to help you maximise your athlete – coach experience. We must all understand that communication is a two-way street; we can provide the cues and try to communicate with you in a variety of ways, but there are some types of communication that are not physical. If there are any emotional considerations or things that we need to know about to get help you work towards the best of your physical and mental capacity we have a very approachable and empathetic staff wanting to help. Come talk to us!

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What our members say

Alex Holcombe

I can’t speak highly enough of this place! Being new to the area I was nervous about joining a gym not knowing anyone but was made feel welcome by the friendly members and very professional and supportive coaches.

Alex Holcombe

Rob Harding

For me Glevum has been the nearest thing to playing a team sport. I joined Glevum to get fit but it’s the community feel that has kept me there. The atmosphere really is superb. I had always thought that CrossFit was for the elite but in reality Glevum caters for all.

Rob Harding

Ben Lundie

I came to Glevum looking for a change from "just going to the gym". It has been incredible and because of this I am stronger, more flexible and more explosive than ever. The team have done an incredible job building a community of like minded individuals, covering all levels of fitness and abilities.

Ben Lundie

Rikki Hill

The happiest, fittest place on earth. Nothing short of a revelation in community, healthy living and friendship. The Crisp family and their friends put every ounce of their considerable kindness and determination into this place and it shows. A truly wonderful place.

Rikki Hill

Alison Walters

Initially I was worried about being intimidated by people far fitter and stronger than me as I have never felt comfortable in the gym using weights. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the coaching you get is great. Fabulous place, fabulous people.

Alison Walters

Sara Andrew

I’ve made some incredible friends and I get to workout with some of the most positive and inspiring people every day. It’s not just a workout you get here it’s support and encouragement from some absolutely amazing coaches and along with this you get to do things you never dreamt you would be able to do.

Sara Andrew